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From grain to glass we obsess 

over every detail of handcrafting 

Supergay vodka. Supergay is made from 100% organic corn, from local producers.

Supergay is handcrafted in small batches and filtered through activated coconut charcoal to 

create a distinctively smooth

and clean vodka that mixes

perfectly in cocktails, and is 

equally delicious on the rocks


Born from the belief that craft

spirits should have more fun, Supergay Spirits was 

established in 2020.









We take our time making Supergay. We only use 100% organic and ethically sourced ingredients. Our vodka is handcrafted the old-fashioned way in small batches in Upstate New York.

Supergay is made from 100% organic, single origin corn. It's

handcrafted in small batches

and filtered 3 times to produce 

an incredibly clean and

smooth vodka.  



Supergay is made from organic ingredients, and is naturally gluten free. It contains no glycerin, and we only filter 3 times to maintain the purity of our final product. Supergay donates a percentage of profits from every bottle sold to groups supporting hospitality workers affected by the shutdown.

Supergay is handcrafted in upstate New York. Our Master Distiller developed our recipe using  organic corn and pure spring water that we filter 

through activated coconut charcoal (which is one of the most sustainable and natural ways to purify vodka.)


Unlike most vodka makers who mass produced their product, we do everything by hand. It's a more involved process that allows us to have control over the quality of the vodka every step of the way.  

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