LGBT Vodka

An Original LGBT Vodka

If you haven't heard, there is an excellent new LGBT friendly vodka that you just have to try! It is produced in small batches using old world techniques and only includes all organic ingredients with triple filtration to deliver a clean and smooth finished product that is sure to be a favorite. In addition, some proceeds from the sales of Supergay Vodka go to LGBT causes. This vodka will be the perfect addition to your gatherings or quiet time in the evening, and you will also help worthy causes you can feel good about by just making a purchase. Check out the Supergay vodka website to learn more about this up and coming brand and pick up a bottle and try it for yourself.

Check out the new pride vodka called Supergay vodka, and you won't be disappointed. Vodka lovers all over can appreciate the time and patience that goes into every batch and translate into the finished product. Each batch is triple filtered with coconut charcoal to remove any impurities whiter retaining a unique, smooth taste that is sure to please any vodka enthusiast. In addition, every ingredient is organic and then bottled with care using the highest standards to maintain the purity and flavor, so each bottle is as good as the last. This vodka is super smooth and super delicious and helps support LGBT causes and promote community pride. Try a bottle for yourself or share it with your friends and get the party started.